Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

About our DPT Program

Lahore College of Physical Therapy

DPT is A clinical doctorate (entry-level) degree that reflects the growth in the body of knowledge and expected responsibilities that a professional physical therapist must master to provide best care to the consumers.

The qualification of DPT envisions a professional who is autonomous, observes evidence based practice, can be accessed directly, and becomes a practitioner of choice in the society.

Physical therapy practice is concerned with identifying and maximizing quality of life and functional movement potential, within the spheres of promotion, prevention, maintenance, intervention, habilitation, and rehabilitation.

LCPT Admissions

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DPT Road Map

The Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Lahore College of Physical Therapy is divided into 5 professional years of study, supervised practice and examinations.

DPT Examinations

At the end of each year the students undergo the series of internal assessments for every subject which include a series of quiz's, examinations, send-up & professional examinations.

The DPT Program aims to:

Equip its graduates with necessary communication & decision making skills to work in collaboration with their patients/clients and other healthcare professionals and colleagues. Promote multidisciplinary and inter professional learning experience and practice while preparing knowledgeable, self assured, adaptable, reflective and humanistic and service oriented graduates. Our goal is to enable our graduates to practice and deliver services in a variety of settings including urban and rural communities as healthcare provider, educator and facilitator.

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